NOD32 On Vista


Mostly Harmless
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Many of our users have had issues running the award-winning NOD32 on Windows Vista, but we've compiled a couple of steps that should end with NOD32 running ~95% of the time:

  • Start the services control panel (in Administrative Tools, or services.msc)
  • Disable "SSDP Discovery" in the services control panel.
  • Install NOD32 by running as administrator, and when it asks whether or not to enable IMON, make sure to *disable* IMON in the setup.
  • When it asks about "Appending AV Notification to email" make sure that is disabled as well.
  • Reboot Vista.
  • NOD32 should run OK, but IMON will be off, feel free to turn it on now, and it should work.

If you have any issues with this, post away, and someone will help you shortly.
Any version of NOD32 above Build 2.7 should work flawlessly. This was posted back in June of 2006 when Vista was still a Beta OS.