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Hello all
i recently updated the firmware for my nokia n73 from 3.5 to 4.2 because the 3.5 had a system bug and kept shutting down, that fixede the problem but now every time i turn on my phone it tells me there is untrusted softwareon my memory card i search the mem. card and theres nothing there (also ran virus scan) and when i open application manager it gives me a whole list of programs and nextto them it says not installed i try to install them and it says file cannot be found!!!! plz help:booyah:
how do u do that the firmware upgrade was from nokia itself it deleted my former system and installed this one
unlike sony ericsson and others Nokia doesnt have a default settings button. You have to do some special keycombination when restarting im not sure exactly what
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ah that reset phone code its like *0000# and *7373# well i did both of right before and aftare upgrading and yet the proble persisits
no i don't but if i place another memory card in it it starts installing and then nothing happens (continues normally) i ran a virus scan on the memory card via computer and phone and someonelses phone and it shows up clean i even formatted the memory card and still nothing
if you mean formatting the memory card whie the phone is cinnected to the computer no it does not make a difference
im fine with waiting but the question is why would they change the settings cause this didnt happen with older firmware system??
It's called a software regression or a bug.... Usually they are introduced accidently as a result of one or more changes to the code.
so its a mess-up and should be fixed in the next firmware right

It is possible it will be fixed. But it is not guarenteed. Make sure you notify Nokia via email or something of this. Maybe then it will be fixed. There is never any definate answers when it comes to things like this. It could be that part of the code that causes bugs and that is why it was removed.