Non-system disk error


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I am doing a project for speech class on how to install linux

I downloaded the current Ubuntu this morning and burned the disk. I booted the disk and got into the Live CD, from there i took the needed screencaps. I had to partition the larger partition for linux. Creating a 10GB Partition and from that a 1GB swap. I restarted my laptop to get the screencaps i needed in windows. The machine starts and eventually displays an error.

(somethign along these lines, i didnt write it down.)
Non-system disk error
Fix the issue and hit enter

I hit enter and nothing happens.

So i restarted into linux live cd, and now im here. I have looked around the legacy forums a few minutes and i checked my boot.ini. (which ill include in this post.) Nothing seems to be out of place in boot.ini file, but i dont know anything about it.

Help would be highly appreicated ASAP.


  • bootini.txt
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^ alright guru

Also what exactly do flags in Gparted do?

Thanks for the fast reply BTW ^_^

You so helpful.

Be Right back have to check BIOS.