Noob mistake WinXp has disappeared :-(


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I have (had) a WinXp laptop. I want to set up a dual boot with Windows Server 2008. Pops in the DVD, runs install, on a different partition to the main XP installation. It blue-screened after the first reboot, and then continued installing after the restart. It installed onto the partition that I wanted.

However, when I reboot I get no boot menu asking which OS to boot to, it just runs 2008. I installed EasyBCD 2.1 on Win2008 in the vain hope that I could recreate the boot luck. It tells me that "EasyBCD failed to detect a valid installation of Windows NT-2003 on all mounted drives and was unable to continue". The (primary) partition that WinXP is (was) on is there, mounted as D:\ but with nothing on it except a "BOOTSECT.BAK" file.

The primary partition is running PGP disk encryption on it, which is probably why EasyBCD can't see the installation of WinXP; it is a little discouraging to see that partition completely empty; I would have thought that there would be an encrypted file or unreadable content of some description.

Any help is gratefully appreciated.


P.S. I don't have the recovery disk for XP :frowning:
Hi Runny,

Install PGP on Windows Server 2008, and use it to reinstall the boot helper utility.