Noob needs direction


I would like to do the following but I do not know how and if it will work.
I would like to install two copies of windows 7, one each on separate drives.
I would like install wall to see and access system 2, but i would want system 2 to never see system 1.
Also I would like to default to load system 2 after 30 seconds and password protect system 1.

can this be done?
Install system 2 without specifying a User Password on HDD2 leaving HDD1 disconnected
Install system 1 with a user and password on HDD1 with HDD2 disconnected.
Reconnect both HDDs, with HDD2 specified as the first HDD in the boot sequence
Boot system 2, enter Disk Management and remove the disk letters for all partitions on HDD1 and/or zap the registry entries to "offline" all the HDD1 partitions from system 2 (like in this example for XP)
Whenever system 2 runs (which it will do every time by default) it will not see system 1
Use the BIOS boot sequence override (F8 on ASUS, F12 or maybe something else on other mobos, check your User handbook), to boot from HDD1 when you want to use your "secret" system 1.
It will require a login password and will see all of system 2.