Noobie in severe trouble!!


Hiya Guys!

First post, so firstly hello all, my names Chris, and im in the **** lol

I have (DID HAVE) a dual Boot System, I installed Windows XP first, then I installed Vista after using Diskpart, and all worked well

I picked up a virus on the XP Partition, and it really did a number, my Virus Checker got it, but not before it had done some serious damage!

XP then refused to load, BSOD, but vista was still working I could select it from the O/S Choices

I decided to reinstall XP, as im really new to this I did not know it would remove my Boot choices for XP or Vista!!

Vista is still there, I can see it, but I cannot get the System to give me a choice of boot options, it goes straight into XP now

How can I get the O/S Choices back without losing the vista partition, I dont want to have to start from scratch, and as I said im a complete noob to this so I havent got a clue!!

ANY HELP appreciated guys!

Hi Pepperami. Welcome to NeoSmart.
You need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install 2.0 Beta release of EasyBCD in Vista.
  2. Open up EasyBCD.
  3. Navigate to the Windows tab in the Add/Remove Entries section.
  4. Select the "/NT/XP..." option in the Type menu, give the new entry an appropriate name, click on "Add Entry" to create the new entry.
  5. When you get to the window giving you the message asking you if you want to allow EasyBCD to automatically configure boot.ini for you, click on Yes.
  6. Close EasyBCD.
  7. Open up Start>right click on "Computer">Manage>Disk Management, and check the "flags" on your partitions. Whichever one is showing up as "system" (should be the XP partition, but no guarantees, seeing as you used Diskpart before installing Vista...), navigate to that partition in Windows Explorer, and open it up. With the "hide protected system files" option deselected in the Folder Options in the Control Panel, and the "Show Hidden Folders and Files" option selected, check the root of the "system" partition for the "ntldr" and "" files. If they're there, then fine, you're done, and you can reboot, and your new XP entry in the Vista boot menu should work perfectly fine, but if they're not there, proceed on to the next step.
  8. Now open up another instance of Windows Explorer (Start>Computer), and this time open up your XP partition in Windows Explorer, so that the contents of the partiton's root is displayed. Now, check that partition, and you should see two previously hidden files there, one called "ntldr" and the other "". Select those (hold down Ctrl to multi-select), and copy (Ctrl + C), and next paste them (Ctrl + V) in the root of your "system" partition. Now when you reboot, it should work perfectly fine. :smile:
FYI, I explain all this stuff in the second link (the second "this") in my sig below, ya know, so feel free to check that out as well. :wink:


EDIT: Sorry, I misread your post...LOL
Follow Justin's instructions instead, and they should work perfectly fine.
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Hello Chris, welcome to NST

Open EasyBCD | Manage Bootloader. Select the option to re-install the Vista bootloader and hit "Write MBR". Your existing entry should work for XP still, but if not, re-add. Make sure you've got the latest build of EasyBCD 2.0 Beta available here.