Norton Error Message at Startup


hey i was just hopingm to understand what norton is excactly blocking @ startup when this message appears:

invalid udp destination:grinning:etails:Intrusion: Invalid UDP Destination Port.
Intruder: localhost.
Risk Level: Medium.
Source IP address: localhost.
Destination IP address: localhost.
UDP Source Port: 32448.
UDP Destination Port: 0. This port number is invalid.
With that port ID it looks like a torrent application or a P2P applicaiton.

On a side note. I dont think this should be here. This has nothing to do with EasyBCD and certainly isnt a Bug for EasyBCD.
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I think that's a safe-enough message, just telling you that a connection failed. Don't worry about it.

Begin82, the BugCentral forum is for bugs in NeoSmart Technologies' Software, not other vendors :smile:

This belongs in The Vista Corner