[Not-a-Bug] Not 'MBR'. but "boot sector"


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In EasyBCD 1.7 under 'Manage Bootloader' it says "Write MBR". This is obviously wrong and should say "Write Bootsector".
Hi tre911, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Actually, EasyBCD does write to the MBR and the bootsector in the most recent versions. I believe in 1.5- we didn't and only worked with the bootsector, but people had problems if they installed a secondary bootloader (like GRUB) to the MBR overwriting the Vista bootloader... In that case, writing the bootsector wasn't enough, and we had to also ensure the MBR was using the Vista BCD as well.

You can check by clearing out the first 446 bytes of the MBR (1-446 is the bootloader and 446-512 is the partition table) and then using the EasyBCD MBR recovery feature, it'll get your bootloader working again :smile:

Hope that clears things up.