Not able to boot from HD


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Recently I transferred my Windows 7 OS partition to another hard disk. Then after many startup repairs and boot loader installs I am stuck with a peculiar problem. It seems that the BIOS is not able to boot the hard disk.

I have set the hd as first boot device. My Windows 7 OS is in the active primary partition. I am even able to boot my OS from grub or "bootit ng" which is installed in my pen drive. I have even tried installing "bootit ng" to my hard disk MBR. But when booting from the hd, nothing shows up though while booting from the pen drive everything works fine.

What is exactly wrong with my system ?
Windows 7 may be "active", but is it "system" ?
i.e are the boot files somewhere else ?
That's what should be 1st in the HDD sequence (assuming you have multiple HDDs)
post a screenshot of disk management so we can see what's what.