Not Again!!


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Ok thanks for the quick reply again CG. I figured out what i was doing wrong; just a matter of operator error. however; i dont have sound and the error message says i need to find a driver or configure the sound card. i have onboard audio (ac97) and being brand spanking new to SuSE and linux i have no idea where to start troubleshooting this. could you just point me in the right direction?

also Email support, how could i find out more about that?

My first Dual Boot set up ever. Quiet stoked I must say!! :booyah:
Congrats my friend geek :smile:

Now which one is it? Configure the card or find the driver?
Try the first:

su -
ok says alsamixer not installed. could not figure out how to get it i know i can do it from the desktop (gnome), just cant find it.
OK found it. had not configured sound from Yast(everything is Yast apparently), But there doesnt seem to be a way to reverse the microphone jack to produce 5.1 sound. i have the option for sorround sound and all the right buttons are present but the sound just doesnt come out of the center and rear speakers. My new MOBO is the same as the old (warranty) A8AE-LE - Asus OEM board. i switched to the KDE desk top last night and it seems a lot nicer, i also dont have laggy scroll as i did in Gnome.
Great news! :grinning:

Yeah, Yast is awesome - just like Yum on Fedora-based kernels. Good luck with Linux :wink: