Not generating AutoNeoGrub(x).mbr file.


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I have added one entry with the "External Devices" to an ISO file. accordingly it was generated the



But I added a second entry pointing to another ISO file, and somehow in the view setting show this:

identifier {173ac12d-2bac-11df-9caa-f73f13473636}
device partition=E:
path \NST\AutoNeoGrub1.mbr
description WINPE3_AMD64

However the file AutoNeoGrub1.mbr is nowhere to be located, it's not in the \NTS folder

I uninstalled and reinstalled EasyBCD 2.0 v.80 and still not fix.

Any Solution to this big problem ?

There was another file in the \NTS folder called: NST_OS_X.iso
After deleting that file automatically like magic the AutoNeoGrub1.mbr file just appeared in the \NTS folder (along with the AutoNeoGrub0.mbr which already was there.

Why was this ? /seems like the problem fixed itself.
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