(not normal) valid BCD Registry not Detected



Hey there guys, I have a little problem...

Anyways, I am getting the error "valid BCD Registry not Detected" but ya see the thing is, I dont have vista on this machine. The ONLY OS's I have on here is Windows Server 2003 and Windows Xp MCE.

A little help?


You cannot use EasyBCD without Windows Vista (or its bootloader at the very least).

Okay, i jst looked around and saw this. Is there a program like EasyBCD that does the same?

And I was wondering, does iReboot only work with a form of vista also?
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Hi Inj, welcome to NST.
If you want to use the Vista bootmgr to control your XP boot, you can do so, following these instructions using EasyBCD 1.7 (It doesn't work using EasyBCD 2.0).
You must however be in possession of a Vista license to be able to copy the necessary files.
If you don't own a copy of Vista, EasyBCD can't magically create the bootloader for you.
It's only a GUI for managing it.