not reading Windows Recovery Disk


I downloaded the Windows Recovery disk, did imgburn, changed BIOS to read CD/DVD drive first . Problem it says "Press any key to boot CD or DVD.." then 2nd line says "BootMGR is compressed" 3rd line press ctr+alt+del . the CD/DVD drive spins with Recovery disk spins but nothing else. Please Help
yes. do you just press and hold or rapid taps?


I'm trying to recover my computer. Earlier i compressed the C drive (hard drive) to free up some space. I restarted the computer and got message "BOOTMGR is compressed" I checked site, found recovery disk downloaded the torrent program downloaded imgburn , changed BIOS to boot CD/DVD followed all instructions and unable to get system booted. Any suggestions


Is this a lost cause cuz no one is responding?? Should I buy a complete new operating system just to get the CD???
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