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My Son's Advent Milano netbook has went wrong after i tried to recover it using the techguys settings and when the Netbook rebooted i got the below error

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

File: \Boot\BCD
Status 0xc000000f

Now as far as i am led to believe from searching most of the night the BCD should only relate to Vista, however my sons netbook is windows XP

Stupidly when he got it at christmas i didnt make a recovery disc, and after spending £1.50 pm on the phone to the Techguys and after going through numerous automated actions for 15 mins they told me i would have to contact ADVENT and have a recovery disc sent out, or get the SW from somewhere

Can you guys help me out please,

I tried to install my own windows through booting from USB but it wont do this at all, as the bloke said it wont recognise my windows ,
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