Nothing Boots


A few months ago I added a hard drive (SATA) to my computer that had been running XP and installed Win7 on it. Had it booting straight to Win7. Downloaded Easybcd to day and tried to set it up so I could boot to either Win7 or XP. Rebooted computer and now I have a black screen. I've tried to boot with a vista repair disk but it only goes so far and then hangs. My Win7 install disk won't boot because I have an MSI (older)motherboard. I used the Vista Repair disk to install Win7 in the first place. How do I recover from this mess?
The reason that I asked for help was that the computer won't boot no matter what device I'm trying to boot from. I stuck in no man's land. Any suggestions of what to do now?
Yes, all drives are recognized. I just took the Win7 (SATA) drive out and hooked it up to my laptop and ran windows repair on it and just stuck it back in my desktop but no luck. Maybe I need to do the same with the WinXP hard disk. .... take it out and run XP repair on it.
That doesn't work. Just black screen. No cursor. No nothing.


I can get into the Windows 7 hard drive through my laptop. What if I delete the user.config file in the neosmart directory???


I'm about ready to Format C: and wipe the hard drives clean and start over. I've tried everything I can think of and no go. Is there a way to get what easybcd did to my mbr undone? I tried disconnecting the Win XP drive from the computer and just let it boot to the Win7 drive. I get the error: "Boot Failure from Previous device Boot Failure
Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device.
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Even if the Windows recovery CD doesn't recognize your installs, you should still be able to use the advanced bcd repair techniques.