Now I cant boot at all -help-

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After trying everything mentioned in my other threads, i was suggested to go into easyBCD and select to uninstal the vista downloader (to use xp again) option.

Now my Vista drive will not even boot at all. How do i repair or replace the boot fileson vista C ??

With the second HD that I installed XP on to try to have a multi boot option,
I installed a fresh copy of vista so now I can see the files in the vista drive that is bad.

So how can i repapir or replace the boot files now taht I have access to that drive, theres no system restore if cant even get into windows.

the only vista disk i have is a cyberpower recovery disk but all it seems to offer is to reinstall vista, what ever happen to a vista repair disk?

is there a vista 64 recovery programi can download and put on CD to replace or fix the vista bootloader files?? -SOS-
Who gave you that advice ? You cannot boot Vista from NTLDR. The option is there when you want to completely remove Vista.
This is the problem with opening multiple threads for the same problem, the advice gets scrambled.
I've told you how to fix boot.ini in another thread, but now your problem has changed.
If you need to repair the Vista boot now, there is a 64 bit recovery download available in the wiki.
Why don't you close all previous threads, and describe exactly what state you're in, in a new single thread, and let us help you in a structured logical fahion.
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If you read somewhere about using the "Uninstall Vista bootloader" option please let us know where you came across that info - we can contact the site admin and let them know it's a dangerous thing to do!
hello all thanks for the help the advice came from another site. another suggestion I was given was to copy the boot.ini and ntldr files to my my vista drive maybe I should not have done that either.

Thanks makaveli for help on restoring the vista bootloader files option 2 worked!

on the second HD that Ihave XP on that I am trying to boot from in anotehr partition I installled a new fresh copy of Vista and installed easybcd and seleceted RESET BCD storage and that fixed my original Vista.

So now I am back to the original problem, the windows boot loader comes up showing the my main Vista oS on the first HD and the XP OS on the second HD and again only the Vista drive will boot

I am sorry for multiple threads how do I deleate this one and ill go back to this one
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