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I hate Vista - but wanted to see if XP would work on my computer first. Made a partition and installed XP.
XP would boot.
Fixed Vista boot.
Vista Boots.
Set up menu.
XP won't boot, citing ntldr error.
I cannot figure out what I am supposed to fix now.
Obviously, it can't find ntldr. Help anyone?
Still continue to run into ntldr error. found the file in the c drive root directory. That is the Vista drive.

Easy bcd does not set everything up - or maybe there is an obvious parameter I am verlooking.

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Tha answer to your question lies in our decumentation.

Troubleshooting Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

You need to copy over the XP files for the NTDETECT, NTLDR and boot.ini to the Vista drive into the root of the drive. This should solve your problem.

After moving your other post i see that you say you have moved the NTLDR but still run into this issue. Have you moved the other files as well? the NTDETECT and boot.ini files?
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Maybe you're moving them to the wrong drive.
They need to be on the boot drive, which may or may not be the Vista drive, depending on your configuration.
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