NTLDR error



I've messed up a multiboot system and can't as of yet sort it out w/ easybcd. Sequence of events in chronologic order:

1) install vista to drive 1 (drive c)
2) install xp to drive 2 (drive d)
3) fix vista bootloader
4) install fedora to drive 2 logic partition (replace vista bootloader with grub on MBR) - everything worked fine at this point
5) wiped fedora partition AND resized xp partition
6) restored vista bootloader (previous windows os not recognized)
7) altered boot menu to list vista and xp with easybcd
8) xp boot option: ntldr missing or corrupt, status 0xd000000f

I think resizing the xp partition messed up ntldr and/or boot.ini file. XP recovery recognizes both xp on D and Vista on C. Do I copy ntldr to the vista partition specifing xp in D with recovery console?

Download and install EasyBCD 2.0
Use it to add a new Windows XP 2.0 entry. It'll ask if you want it to auto-create ntldr, ndetect, and boot.ini ----- say yes.

Reboot and test.
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and W7 and XP etc. (as long as .NET 2.0 framework exists, which has been standard since Vista)