ntldr help


i try to boot windows vista and xp but when i add an entry it says something about EasyBCD not being able to find ntldr

i was dual booting xp and vista before but for some reason vista craped out and i had to reformat and then reinstall... i got easy bcd and did what i said above if this helps.

Hi x14u2cx, welcome to NST.
When you reinstalled Vista, it will have overwritten the 3 XP boot files which are required to be in the same partition root as the Vista bootmgr.
Look in the wiki, where it will tell you what files to copy, and describe your problem. You will also probably need to edit the copied version of boot.ini to point at the XP partition.
i went through all of that and i can't figure out what any of it means like root... i have no idea what directory it is... and even where to pu those files.
What Terry is trying to say is that the reinstallation of Vista has wiped out the three files needed to boot XP (ntldr, ntdetect.com, boot.ini). They are found in the directory that appears after selecting a drive letter in my computer (known by us computer gurus as the root of a partition), but you must enable show hidden files/folders and disable hide protected operating system files in folder options in order to view them.

So what you need to do is boot from your XP disc and perform a repair install. This well make XP bootable again while keeping your current files and programs. Then you'll need to a recovery disc/vista dvd to perform startup repair to make vista bootable again. Then you should be able to add an entry in easybcd for xp.
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You shouldn't need to repair XP. Its boot files should all be there unharmed. They just need to be copied to the active partition (vista).
Justin's right though, sorry I didn't explain root properly. It's everything on the partition not in a folder.
(e.g. copy D:\boot.ini to C:\boot.ini etc.)
well after a while i just transfered the files off of the xp drive, reformated and reinstalled then moved them back... i got too confused with the other stuff :??