NTLDR installed in a folder on Drive 1


I have Win-XP MCE on Disk0, active primary patrition1 and Win-7 Pro on Disk1, active primary patrition1. Both are 32-bit. Before installing Win-7 I disconnected SATA cables of all other disks and did a clean install (reformatted the partition). BIOS is configured to boot from Disk1. After reconnecting other drives I used EasyBCD 2.0 to set up the dual boot.
It worked, thank you for EasyBCD!

After that I discovered that NTLDR was installed by EasyBCD into \NST folder of Win-7 partition, located on Disk1!
Boot.ini and NTDETECT.COM were only in partition 1 of Disk0.

However, the Neosmart page "Windows XP",
says: "NTDETECT.COM must be present in the same partition root as NTLDR and BOOT.INI, or else Windows XP will fail to load."

Could you please comment on this paradox? Am I missing something?
Hello d.tch,

We have recently made some improvements and updates to the XP aspect of EasyBCD 2.0 which are not reflected in the Wiki at this time. Previously it was only allowed that when you had multiple XP entries you had to add each one and use multiple boot menus. Since our master Guru has figured out how to get it all working with 1 boot menu.

Since he has done so, the information in the wiki is not fully accurate when using the Beta Builds. As they reflect new information that was not previously used. After the release of the final version of EasyBCD 2.0 the Wiki will be edited to reflect the changes.

To add to what Mak said, as of RC4, EasyBCD uses a copy of NTLDR that is modified and customized on the fly to suit your hardware configuration.
Thank you, Mak!


Thank you, Computer Guru!
I have noticed that the newly installed NTLDR had different size and version.
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Genuine MS boot files are in the partition root, not inside any other folder, and are hidden unless you change folder options.