NTLDR is missing (VISTA)


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OK, guys, one big problem. I need HELP. :lup:
I've formatted partition on my HD. I have WD 80 GB "divided" into 2 partitions, and one WD 500GB.
On that smaller HD I have Vistax64SP-1 on 1 partition and Vista 32bit SP-1 ond second one.
And, when using Vistax64 I've formatted other partition on which is VISTA 32bit. And now I get that error. That partition (formatted one) was PRIMARY and BOOT. :lol: I assume that that is my mistake that I made. So, is there anything I can do to save my PC???
I backuped all important files on that 80GB HD few weeks before this issue. So that's the good thing. I made ISO CD Simple "ntldr is missing" fix with boot floppy, CD-R, or USB flash using this guide and I will try to make my OS/system work. :| I did that on my friend's PC.
Do you have any other suggestions for me? Could EASYBCD do something? Is there a way to make It bootable programme?
Thanks in advance. :wink:


OK, I've sorted out this problem. I've done It by inserting bootable VISTA DVD and REAPAIRING boot. :smile:
I inserted the DVD few days ago and tried to do the same, but I waited 1 minute and then gave up. I should have waited 2-3 minutes for INSTALL window to pop-up. >.<
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Hi Djojica, wecome to the forum.
Glad you managed to sort things out without needing help.
Hope the information you found here was some help.