Ntldr is missing (WINDOWS VISTA)

hi! i installed a month ago windows Vista and later Linux Ubuntu. For booting into both operating systems i installed EasyBCD. It was working perfectly, i could enter both os and work on them properly. However, today i turned on my computer and the error "NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart." appeared... what can i do?



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Hi Anita, welcome to the forums.
NTLDR is the XP boot loader, called by Vista BCD when you ask for XP in the boot menu.
You don't mention having XP . Is it another option you've omitted?
If so look at the wiki XP troubleshooter
where your problem and its solution are described.

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Terry is right. NTLDR is related to XP. So you will have to check your settings in EasyBCD to make sure that XP is removed.