NTLDR is missing


Tried logging in to laptop this morning and got the subject error. Turned off computer last night with backup drive (clickfree) plugged in and it was still in this morning when I turned computer on - getting this error msg. Any suggestions?
Hi danniee, welcome to NST.
The NTLDR is an XP boot file. If its missing, there are various ways to get another one.
First, though, have you tried disconnecting the backup HDD and attempting to boot?
Tks Jake. But how do I disconnect HDD in Dell Inspiron 1525? I unplugged the battery and power supply and started it again but same thing. I installed Win 7 (upgraded from Vista) a few weeks ago and was using my clickfree to recover old data files. Forgot to unplug it. Would this explain trying to power up as XP this morning.
Jake is saying "disconnect the external drive" before you boot, not the internal HDD.

You've probably got USB before HDD in your boot sequence, so it will look on any bootable USB drive to boot first, and your ext drive has probably got an XP MBR.
Tks Terry, but that (disconnected the clickfree) was the first thing I did and same msg. I dthen unplugged from power source and ejected the battery to shut down the laptop. But when I put power back it still has the same msg. I dtried hitting enter as soon as it flashed up to get out of windows but no go. It's locked in this error msg.
Boot your W7 DVD, "repair your computer" "startup repair" (up to 3 times till W7 boots without the DVD)

(I've moved your thread btw, That forum is just for reporting bugs in NeoSmart software)