NTLDR is missing


NTLDR is missing - Press any key to restart
getting this message on a Vista Program run computer - downloaded the repair 32 bit from NeoSmart Technologies - I am getting nothing

First tried to use Installation disc - pressing F12 -nothing happened. Then downloaded the NeoSmart repair - still getting black screen with above message
That is an XP boot-error message.
If your PC is Vista and you see that error, it's normally after you've installed XP for a dual-boot and need to fix the Vista boot.
If you've done no such thing, then the most likely explanation is that the PC is trying to boot from the wrong HDD and the other HDD is one which contained an XP system at a former time and still has an MBR which looks for the XP NTLDR.
Do you have more than one HDD installed ?
If so, turn off the power at the wall, leave the power cable connected to earth the chassis, open the left side of the PC tower and disconnect/reconnect the HDD cables to clean up the contacts. (On a laptop, eject and reinsert the HDDs from their bays)
(I assume you haven't edited the BIOS boot sequence and left the wrong HDD top of the boot sequence)
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Thank you for the rapid response. This is a Dell laptop that came with Vista loaded. Never edited the Bios. ejected HDD - no luck same error message. any other suggestions I could try or am I better off bringing into a repair retailer?
Another, more sinister explanation might be a malware infection of the MBR.
There's no way that the Vista MBR can "accidentally" get replaced by an old version.
You can find instructions on how to use the repair CD here


btw. remove any USB devices connected to make sure it's not trying to boot from one of them.
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