NTLDR is missing


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The Vista Home Premium 32-bit machine I was working on today was experiencing the infamous "NTLDR is missing" message.

I found this site via Google and paid the $9.75 to download the "Windows Vista 32-bit Recovery Disc" from SystemDiscs.com

Nope. Nada. Zip. The recovery software could not find the Vista installation on the hard drive and suggested loading a "Driver".

I booted from Linux and could see two "invalid" partitions - the main partition with the O/S and the 2 Gig Recovery partition.

My final solution was to delete both partitions with Linux (the Windows 7 CD wouldn't let me do it) and install Windows 7.

Fortunately, before doing all this, I had connected the hard drive to my desktop computer with a USB cable and backed up the owner's documents.
It sounds like your partitions were completely corrupted. There's not much any software will be able to do to help you out of such a situation, unfortunately.
dual boot?

I was going to comment about a solution I had to a similar problem, but realized your problem was different.

I have obtained OS discs from Microsoft for a small handling fee. I don't know if they carry anything but the current OS. You do have to have a legitimate product/serial number - i.e. the one that is on the back of your machine.
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What causes this? I've had this happen when trying to boot from a install disc.

Also, I've had this to happen when deleting a partition, and haven't done a repair yet. But booting from the CD/DVD, I don't understand that part.

I'm not sure what you mean? The OP posted a number of "issues," which of them in particular are you asking about, cat?