NTLDR missing (not a typical case - probably)



After my computer crashed and I used the recovery dvd (Vista) to format the HD and to reinstall windows. I only did this, because it wouldn't recognize my windows XP cd (which is a cracked version). The XP cd is recognized by other computers. I have successfully installed vista, but the problem still remains. It does not recognize any burned CD's.

Also, on start up I briefly see the message "NTLDR is missing" after which the computer boots normally. I have looked for similar threads but nothing helps.

We don't support illegal copying of Windows and our recovery disc can't be used to re-install Windows.
I understand, but that's beside the point and I don't see how that conflicts with your ability to help me. The recovery CD I was referring to is a CD containing Vista, and I received it when I bought my laptop. Perhaps we are talking of different things?
If its a Vista system-installed computer, and its looking for NTLDR (an XP boot file), that means the boot code of your "system" "active" partition's boot sector needs to be rewritten, so it'll look for the Vista bootmgr instead.
You can boot the Vista DVD (or our recovery disk if you don't have one), run Startup Repair 2-3 times, and it'll be booting again.
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Thanks! Start up repair is not a feature of the recovery DVD I have - or at least I cannot seem to access it during these circumstances. It is the only CD I can boot of with (any self burned CD it will not recognize - including your recovery disc). When I boot the Vista recovery DVD, the only options I get are the following:

Recover Windows to first partion only

Recover Windows to entire HD

Recover Windows to entire HD with 2 partition

And that's it. I don't think this problem can be solved using burned CD's as the computer just won't recognize them. And the recovery DVD I received with the laptop I can only format the HD with.

Should I try to use an external CD driver? Or will that not change anything?
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If your optical drive is reading DVDs but not CDs (they use different lasers), try burning our recovery ISO to a DVD and booting that.
Alternatively, burn a Linux distro to DVD, boot that in "don't change my system" mode, rescue your user files, then use your VIsta recovery DVD to factory reset.