NTLDR missing or corrupted


I have a dual boot system with Vista and XP.
After a failed restore of the XP partition, the PC would not boot at all. I got the Vista partition going with the Windows Vista recovery CD iso file I downloaded from your site. Thank you for that in the first place.
I have a Windows XP CD, but to run the bootfile recovery it requires a password. Offline NT Password Editor did not do the job, and Ophcrack is to difficult for me.
I have installed EasyBCD 2.0 beta, but no luck with that either.
So I figure that NTLDR is really gone.
Is there anything I can try before reinstalling XP from scratch ?


Good news! EasyBCD 2.0 did it after all! I guess I just gave up a little to early....:shame:
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Good thing you didn't *really* give up after all :smile:

Glad 2.0 did the trick for you.

Have a nice day.