NTLDR missing


This is driving me nuts :smile:

so, USB key formatted as NTFS
Windows 7 recovery disk burned to the usb with unetinstaller for windows
Booting up from USB

NTLDR missing
Press Ctrl Alt Canc to restart

what should I do?!
Can you do a System Restore to a time before the message popped up ?
You can also run System Restore from a Command Prompt if you are unable to boot to Windows.
Press F8 just after BIOS post messages and choose Command Prompt. Type in
If your Windows is installed on some other drive than C:, change C: to it.
Please note I have never used F8 method at all with Win 7 and I do not know what menu options will appear there. I assume the menu will be the same with earlier Windows versions.
Or if you have a Win 7 disk, repair your Win 7 installation.
Hi donuts,
if on the USB key the "bootmgr" present, rename this "bootmgr" to "NTLDR".

If i understand the (your) question not correct, please forgive me, my english is very bad.

Greetings from Germany,