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I've posed this question in the nVidia forums but experience tells me it wont get an answer and I wonder if anyone here has a clue.

I have a single nVidia GTX 295 graphics card which actually has twin GPU's. Although the nVidia Control Panel does not indicate any problems I'm a little concerned at what Everest Ultimate says about it. According to it GPU # 1 is underclocked or underperforming (see pics below). Now I realise that software can make mistakes so am wondering if anyone can recommend a good test I should do to double-check these findings.
I have all the latest drivers installed, and it should be noted that my main CPU is overclocked to 3.86ghz from its normal 3.33ghz.

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It hasn't been updated since 2006 Mahmoud + not Vista compatible. Not sure it would be wise to even attempt using it in a Vista x64 enviroment.
I used it on Vista x64 back in the day it worked OK (with some BSODs :tongueout:)

You can use it just to see the clocks, don't need to OC with it.
Well I installed it with a few warnings being given in the process. Mainly this one attached.

Now what do I do?


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Had to uninstall.it was causing too many issues. Have posted on the Lavalys forum re: Everest possible being faulty...(I hope)...??!!


..and I got a very quick answer which I hope is the real explanation:

Fortunately it has a simple explanation - One of the GPUs has been switched to low-power mode (also known as 2D mode), and so it lowered all its clocks to cool itself down. As soon as you start a 3D application or a game, both GPUs will switch to high-performance mode (also known as 3D mode) of 576/1242 MHz.
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I guess the only way to know for sure is to try it and find out.

Why wouldn't both GPUs switch to low-power mode though?

Start a game and alt-tab to Everest, I guess.


I got around the issue of getting Everest to log at the right time. I remembered that when I had Seti@home set to use GPU ("CUDA")as well as CPU the fans were roaring. So I reset it to that and sure enough after a whole bunch of work units came in...Everest then reported the same figures for GPU1 as it did above for GPU2 - in other words, the GPU was running (relatively) flat out.

Good question, why not throttle back both GPUs...a question that only the maker could answer I suppose and the post I put on nVidia's forum remains unanswered, just as I thought. I guess not many people have GTX295's to compare notes.

Not sure if I can contact nVidia directly, I'll have to do some checking on that.
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So it does...never thought of that...LOL. What I forget about Windows could fill a book I'm afraid. Goes with the age I guess.

In other news I went looking for ways to ask Nvidia about this "why not GPU2" question and was redirected to Alienware. I posted the question on their private forums, which I happened to notice is often answered by Nvidia staff anyway.

I just want to be sure that I don't have a lemon for a Graphics card - they are expensive enough!
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Just a follow up to this FYI if anyone is reading this in future...the latest WHQL drivers from nVidia have cured the situation. Now both GPU's throttle back when not in use.
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