O/S Start up - Dual Boot



I have a working dual boot system - Windows XP Pro - 32 Bit and Win XP Pro - 64 Bit

Windows 32 Bit installed first on "C" and 64 Bit, second on "D".

I had to reformat Win XP 64 bit (D) a few months ago and I may have added something

to the booting.

When I start the computer I get the normal :

Please select operating system to start...etc

I see THREE operating systems instead of the two installed

XP 64 Pro

XP 32 Bit Pro

XP 64 Bit Pro

I have NOT tried to boot the bottom entry - XP 64 Bit Pro - the other two work and
boot just fine.

I think I started to install XP 64 bit - perhaps on my Third HD and stopped after realizing my error, but not sure..

How or can I get rid of the third entry on the start up screen and retain my dual booting?

In an all-XP multi-boot, all of the entries are in boot.ini.
Run msconfig. Select the boot.ini tab, and delete the last entry.