Odd happenings when I uninstalled XP SP3


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I was trying to get XP's Fax Console to work in my 2nd XP Pro. I figured it might be best to uninstall SP3 Beta first.

All through the process a bizaarre clattering sound came from my speakers...much like chattering relay switches but it appears that nothing has been harmed.

XP Fax Console is a lost cause. I think I'm, going to have to repair it.
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Sound seems fine and everything works, except the fax console. I'm going to try to reinstall it from the CD. I can always use the software that came with the fax modem to send faxes anyway, so the XP console isn't vital.
It's the first time I've ever known anything to come out of the speakers during an installation or uninstallation, other than an error beep.
I've seen installers that play music in the background (usually the kind that take > 30 minutes to install/uninstall)... perhaps that's MS' idea of a tune :lol:
LOL....now THAT I would approve of!:tongueout:

By the way, everything is working OK in all 3 of my boots now.