Ok I'm really stuck here...A hidden files problem, windos vista Ul SP1


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My laptop is A:
Compaq Presario CQ50-200 Notebook
My problem is I installed Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, but I couldn't upgrade because my OS wasn't **SP1**. Now because I installed it on windows as a full install it moved my old version to a location called **WindowsOld000**....Be for I did this I made sure to back up everything into one folder music, movies etc and saved it on the desktop.....now when I go into the windowsold000 in C: drive and navigate to C:windowsold000\Users\ there is no OLD user-name folder....so I turn on hidden files in control panel FOLDERS APP, and check again the same thing no user name folder that has the desktop folder with my saved/backup files from the old version witch is usually there....so I go back one folder **\Users**
and right click on this folder and go to Properties to see its size, this is where it really gets weird..... it shows that all of the space is still being used and all of my files are there but I cannot see or access the folder with them (*username\Destop*) even with hidden files on??? I would be really great full for any help, anything could be use full in solving this problem, thanks...:rage:
Hi Troy, welcome to NST.
If it's just that windows is denying you access to stuff you know is there, you can circumvent Windows security completely by downloading a live Linux distro and burning a bootable CD.
Boot it in "don't change my system" mode (runs from the CD), then use "places" to open an Explorer-like window which you can use to navigate to your missing files.
Drag and drop them onto external storage or directly to your new desktop on the Vista partition.