Ok, this may be the most n00bish question but,


how on Earth does anyone install EASYBCD if the very Windows I have on the drive is dead? e.g. I can only boot from a Live USB (really weird setup)

I tried installing the app on Mini XP which comes on Hiren's boot CD but failed.
I also have Ubuntu installed but it doesn't boot either. Black screen. No more. Is there an EASYBCD for linux?

Any insight about this issue? Thanks for your support! :grinning:

if you're so kind to read about my issue, please go here.

Hi, thanks for the link. Sorry for not answering right away, I was on vacation so I couldn't log in.
So it was a very simple process, but Grub keeps on coming in first. If it solves the issue, could I get rid of it and how? I'd prefer pressing F12 to choose where I want to boot from. (Right now, my main partition is Vista C: and then Ubuntu, on H:smile:
Did you "startup repair" three times ?
There are multiple things to fix and it only does them one per pass.
Hi Terry, thanks for replying.
Yes, I did. I ven went to CMD and tried the repair manually /fixmbr /fixboot /rebuildbcd / etc. etc. But nothing works. The only thing that worked was the last pair of instructions on the link. Even after I fully rebuild the BCD manually, it may be working but I think the computer doesn't see it because Grub comes first. Yeah, I had to install Ubuntu. So now what?
If you've "repaired" Vista/7 , it will have put its own boot process in place.
If you're still seeing grub, are you booting from the right HDD ?
@Computer Guru: Only one. With 4 partitions.

If you're still seeing grub, are you booting from the right HDD ?

I want to think I am. When I 'repaired' Vista booting from a USB with Win7 image, I see the bcd file size was changed, but only on the same USB not on C:
The instructions on the link made me delete BCD on C: and rebuild it manually so I'm 50% sure it's repaired, only it doesn't come up. Well, at least I don't see "bootmgr is missing. press Ctrl+Alt+Del".

How do I know I'm booting from the right HDD?
Thanks again.


Ok, now I'm getting:

GRUB loading.
error: file not found
grub rescue>_

I tried the automatic repair again. Luckily I made a backup of BCD.
What now?


Aaaand now I boot from the USB but I'm welcomed with an error:

windows could not complete the installation. to install windows on this computer, restart the installation.
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When you boot a Vista/7 DVD or repair ISO, it asks you to select the OS you want to repair.
It sounds like you're selecting the repair ISO itself rather than the HDD OS
so you haven't touched the broken boot, hence the apparently immortal grub.