I Deleted mt HP Recovery Partition by accident and I didn't make the backup Recovery Media !!! Now I can't at all.. Can somebody please help me because if anything goes wrong with my new computer than I am screwed!!! So how would I fix this please!!>.<
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If you have deleted this Recovery Partition there is nothing we can do. You will have to contact your PC Vendor to get a copy of the media from them.

Please do not post with all CAPS. That is like shouting at people in real life. It isnt necessary. I can understand your concern. But still no reason for all caps.
whats that recovery cd u guys have? is it the same thign and isnt there a program like acronis that can make a backup thingy so i can burn it to dvd? and load if my comptuer fails
Two things you can do if you're not having problems other than the deleted partition at the moment...
a) Use Acronis like you mentioned to create a full hard drive image and keep it in a safe place for future use. I recommend validating the archieve upon completion and periodically to ensure the file hasn't been compromised in any way. Nothing like a corrupted file to stare you in the face with error messages in a time of need.
b) Get the recovery disc replacement from your OEM.
I used acronis true imaging and the file is like 17 gbs.. how would i burn it to a DVD? jus anyway? its a TIB file and im jus wondering if theres a special way to burn it to a DVD or seomting..
You don't burn it to DVD. You store the file either on removeable storage or when you create the image select that you want it saved to your disc drive. Acronis will prompt you to take out a disc when its full and insert a blank to continue. A file of that size will require multiple discs (probably 3 to 4 DVDs - Make sure you max compress the image).
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i dont get it.. it jus saved it to MyBackups than its just in that folder maybe i did it wrong? and this is the trail version i am using
No thats correct. If you didn't give it a name the default is MyBackup.tib.
Its a proprietary format. You cannot modify/access any files from within it without the use of Acronis TI.

The name will make it appear as a folder (file without extension) unless you have show extensions enabled in Windows:
computer -> tools -> folder options -> view tab -> show extensions for known file types

Hovering your mouse over the file w/ TI installed in Windows should say something along the lines of "Acronis True Image Backup Archive".
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so i just right clik t he tib file?


ok I see it.. so i shud do that when i want to copy it to a cd right?/

ok so once i habe it copied to a cd.. lets say something happens with my comp do i jsut boot from that cd? and eberything shud be ok?
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You're getting it all wrong here...

You should let Acronis take care of putting in on a set of recovery discs for you if you don't want to store the image on removeable media (another hard drive, etc). This should be done during the creation proccess, not after the image has been created. It will require multiple discs due to the size of the file.

I've never used the disc method for storing archives before, but it should make the disc bootable. You should put numbers on each disc so you know which to insert first in the future for recovery.

If the disc is not bootable do not worry. Acronis when booted from the cd copies itself into ram. It is save to remove it after it has finished booting to insert a recovery disc or when the recovery wizard prompts you to.
Ok man when i make the backup it warns me that I should copy it to disk or media after it is finished.. on acronis theres a program called acronis media builder.. maybe im supposed to use that?
Acronis media builder is for building spare bootable Acronis media itself and is not for making backups. Its main purpose for being there is so users who buy and download the software on line can burn bootable disc media like someone who bought a hard copy, though the disadvantage is that media created using the media builder cannot be used for installing Acronis TI in Windows while the hard copy you buy from a store can.

I don't see whats hard here. Let Acronis do the work and burn the discs for you as you create the archive. That way you don't have a 17gb file sitting on your hard drive.

In the backup wizard when you are creating the archive, select your DVD drive as the destination for the .tib file. Acronis will do the rest, pausing to prompt you to put in new DVDs as it runs out of room on the current disc for information. You cannot fit a 17gb file on a single DVD. It will take multiple DVDs to create the image. And don't try CDs for it. You will shortly start to feel like you've gone back in time, where good-sized programs/files were spanned across cases of floppy disks.
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