OMGosh! (return thread)


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Donald is not dead!! :grinning:

i have been extremely busy with school and work and other things (had a WoW moment for a couple months :lup: )

decided to snoop and check out your CSS guru. (started working on my site again after neglecting it for the same amount of time as your guys ) good work on that btw :smile:

Site is still at and i have started all over. lol

Hope everyone has been doing well. (has 7 on his Sager laptop too :smile: )
:smile: thanks for the welcome back! :smile:

i'll get to downloading that next week. *busy "working "on his website* XD i really need to take a formal class on this stuff, i think it would help. XD Rather than poking around and stealing code of what works lol

CSS is harder than html at this point of my website (nothing much beside html lol)