One menu multi-boot success


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One hard drive - 3 partitions
partition 1 - Windows 7 Pro
partition 2 - Windows XP Pro
partition 3 - GACE XP

Booted to Windows 7 and installed EasyBCD 2.0 Beta - Build 109. Renamed the "Earlier Version of windows" menu entry to "Windows XP Pro" (D:\). For partition 3, I added an entry as "Type: XP and Drive: E:\". This added the entry but, for some reason, set the drive as D:\. It also created the NST folder with the easyldr1 file on the D drive. I went into the Advanced Settings, chose GACE from the drop down menu and set the drive as "Boot". The settings now look like this:

I left the NST folder where it was and I changed the boot.ini file on the D drive to remove the entry for the GACE XP partition, leaving just the Windows XP Pro entry, setting the timeout to 0.

I now have a boot menu with all 3 operating systems on one menu and it works like a charm.

PS: Hope the images come through (red X as I type this)
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D:\ was correct. It isn't set to the letter of XP, but to the letter of the automatically created easyldr file.

BOOT worked because (as you can see from EasyBCD's output), the boot drive is also D:\


Oh, and there was no need to manually modify boot.ini

The best thing to do is to delete all XP entries, then add one XP entry with the drive set to E: and another with the drive set to D:

This is the most recommended and reliable configuration.
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