One more Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 Alternate


im new here with a often posted problem...hope you can help me. so first of all i've read most of the articles about ubuntu and win vista / 7 boot problems and don't found the solution for me...

about my problem: one notebook with one hd. win 7 installed first inkl. bootpartition automatecly created. then there is a data partition.

after that i installed ubuntu with the following settings:
ext2 partition 100mb with grub2 as bootloader
ext4 lvm with swap partition and root partition (encryptet!)

then i installed easy bdc 2.0.1 and tryed follwing:
boot entry with neogrub
boot entry grub
boot entry grub2

nothing worked. if i take the grub2 entry then it boots into the grub4dos shell...didnt know why...

if i boot with the super grub disk, then the super grub disk finds the installation on (hd0,5) and starts ubuntu...but i don't want to insert the disk every time i want use ubuntu :smile:

if someone has an idea i'll be very happy :smile: thanks for your answers and / or questions!
Install neogrub w/ boot entry. In the /nst/menu.lst file, put:

title Ubuntu
root (hd0,5)
chainloader +1
thanks for your quick answer!

this gives followint message:

Booting Ubuntu
root (hd0,5)
Error 5: Partition table invalid or corrupt
Press any key to continue...

what is with my partition table? and does somebody know what are the boot commands from the super grub disk?

the problem i think is following:
in the grub4dos prompt the grub4dos doesn't lists the partition 0,5 and 0,6...only the 3 ntfs partitions...
if i start with the supergrubdisk and start the option "detect and list partitions" it lists all frm 0,0 to 0, logicaly it can boot into ubuntu...
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Appears grub2 isn't installed to the partition's bootsector. In that case, chainload grub2 directly. At the command prompt type:

find /boot/grub/core.img

This well give you the correct disk/partition you need to refer to. Than in your entry:

title Ubuntu
root (hdx,y)
chainloader /boot/grub/core.img
thanx for your answer...i was in vacances till i'll try this now and let you know if it works.

in the grub4dos command line i type in find /boot/grub/core.img and the answer is -> file not found.

the problem i think is that the grub4dos command line can't access the hd0,5 and set this as root. in this partition grub2 is installed. how can i fix this? must this be a primary partition?
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