Only 6 Entries in Bootmenue from Start my PC


Hello all here

I hav 7 os installed on my PC. 1x XP-Pro and 6x Vista (Ulti, Enterprise, Longhorn-Server etc.)
I can see in Startmenue to Start my PC only 6 Entries not 7. In the Overview from EasyBCD 1.52, i see all 7 Entries. Is this a Bug in the Program or what tu i on Error ?

Excuseme my bad english, i life in Germany.

Thank you for help please.
Greetings from Germany Pinarek
Please don't create multiple threads with the same question. That's not cool, and means more work for us.

The more time we spend de-cluttering the forums, the less time we have to develop EasyBCD and answer your questions.

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