Only 6 Entries in EasyBCD 1.52 Why not more ?


Hello all here

I hav 7 os installed on my PC. 1x XP-Pro and 6x Vista (Ulti, Enterprise, Longhorn-Server etc.)
I can see in Startmenue to Start my PC only 6 Entries not 7. In the Overview from EasyBCD 1.52, i see all 7 Entries. Is this a Bug in the Program or what tu i on Error ?

Excuseme my bad english, i life in Germany.

Thank you for help please.
Greetings from Germany Pinarek
Hi pinarek,

This is the wrong forum for this question.
topic moved

With regards to your issue:
please cut and paste the code from the "Detailed View" mode on the main screen.