Only boots to C Drive

Using Easy BCD I have added my 2nd Windows OS 7 as shown in attachment - view. Even though I added it as on drive D, it appears in BCD as drive U for some reason.

I then went to Manage and rewrote the Vista (Win 7) bootloader. Upon re-boot I still only go directly to Drive C.

What can I do to get the option to boot either?


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Installing 2.02 did in fact give me the DOS type screen at bootup that enabled me to choose the OS to boot on the first re-boot. On subsequent boots, however, I am again taken directly to Windows 7.

Attached are my settings.


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"duff" is British for something that's gone wrong or faulty.

Terry is saying to delete the Windows 7 entry that appears as drive U and add it again with EasyBCD.
Sorry, everyone writes such good English round here that I forget that very few actually are English. I'll try to eliminate slang usage.
Well, I think "duff" is an exclusively British phrase, never came across it back in the States though it was very easy to deduce what it meant from the context...
Seems to have reached other outposts of Empire too, but probably post-dates 1776 if our American Colonies don't use it.

duff /df/ a. colloq. L19. [Perh. f. DUFF n.1, but cf. DUFFER n.2] Worthless, false, bad, defective, dud

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