Only One Port Works On Audio Card


Hi i’ve got a Soundmax integrated soundcard and a SB live! one. They both work but only allow sound through one port…none of the others work no matter what I put in them. I’ve got some other issues aswel regarding the running of the Beta on my system. My pc is fully compatible apart from drivers of course but it seems to be behaving strangely. I tried to switch to the Windows vista aero appearance setting to get the glass effects and whatnot and it changed the first time I did it. After a restart however it went back to the basic theme. I go back to the menu and change it back and it acknowledges this the screen goes dark etc etc so i click ok after applying my changes and when i go back into it it is still on the basic theme! I have had this problem with other areas aswel…my pc no longer recognises some of the changes that I make to it or chooses to ignore them. I am also the only user on my system and therefore the administrator, but it wont let me install certain things saying that I need to be an administrator. Also control panel selectively does not open about 1 minute after a restart, the display is cropped and it is only reading my graphics card as a 128 instead of a 256 and the performance visually has decreased alot! I know that was alot but if you could help it would be much appreciated!
Hello Vijalante, and welcome to the NeoSmart Forums :smile:

You're issues are probobly best dealt with seperately, so if you don't mind in this thread we'll address the sound issue and for anything else feel free to start another thread :wink:

I'm not entirely clear on what all your issues are, but I assume right now your sound-related concern is just that only the "Sound Out" port works on either card, and you want to use the rest too?

Have you followed the instructions at ?
Thanks...yes I followed what you said to do on that page but it hasn't made any difference if I select digital output sound stops completely! Vista won't allow me to set up the SB live! soundcard as 5.1 it keeps reverting back to the default setting (stereo). Only one port works aswel on both cards. I thought one may be conflicting with the other so i tried both separately with restarts in between but no difference...
OK, did you try to change the speaker type in the audio devices wizard in the control panel?

(did you upgrade to 5456? It fixes many things :grinning:)
slemay said:
Vijalante said:
The NGo HQ ones?!
Anyone have a new URL for getting these? The ones on the BLOG page (link under Sound Blaster Live) - is no longer valid. Thanks!
Try in Google, or if you can't find it in there, let me know, maybe i can try find it :wink:
Did you find them?
If not, let me know, and I'll upload my copy to NST's servers..
And we]come to NeoSmart Technologies!