Oops - Deleted wrong entry in boot loader

Dr. Zoltar

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I'll try to keep this brief. I used these directions to create a duel boot system:


I have a registered copy of XP on my C drive (one physical drive)
I have an eval copy of Vista on my G drive (second physical drive)

My eval copy of Vista is close to expiring so I used EasyBCD to remove it from the boot menu. However, I just discovered that even though my PC boots into XP, it's still accessing the BOOT file from Vista (and then just loading boot.ini for XP). I just tried to delete my copy of Vista but my OS says that the files are in use?

Is there a quick and easy way to fix this? I'm worried that if Vista expires at the end August I may be totally hosed.

Dr. Zoltar

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I didn't realise I could install version 1.6 on XP. I'll do that and remove the Vista Bootloader that way and see how it works.


Mostly Harmless
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Hiya Dr. Zoltar, welcome to NST.

That should work. Install EasyBCD in XP, Bootloader Management | Uninstall Vista Bootloader

Since XP is on C:\, you shouldn't need to do anything more.

Good luck.