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Hi I am new here
making a long story short, I have basically by stupidly using I think, PQBoot32.exe (which I now suspect is incompatible with Vista) from Norton Ghost 12 DVD, while trying to fix an unsuccessful restore of an image of my C: drive on my Vista Ultimate 32bit PC's twin partitioned (NTFS) hard drive, making it unbootable, In fact I am not too sure but for some reason I think it might have swapped drive letters in-between partitions, at least for sure I know that my second partition (originally Drive E:smile: Labelled “DATA1” is now apparently my C: Drive, and I do not know what my original “C” Drive has now become. I tried the “Startup Repair” from my Vista DVD quite a few times with no success, and then I found your website and your easyBCD program which unfortunately I can not use since I do not have any more Windows OS installed in my PC from which to run it from, then in your forums I read about your “Manual Recovering The Vista Bootloader from DVD”, in Step Three: in the Command Prompt I entered the commands to fix the MBR (I think it did not work that time) and to fix the bootsectors, for which it displayed the following, for C: it said something like “Successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode” and further down for E:, F:, G: H:, “Could not open the volume root directory....The parameter is incorrect”, and at the bottom it said “\Device\HarddiskVolume1....Succesfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode....Bootcode was successfully updated on at least one volume.”. I did not dare carry on entering the rest of your commands e.g. “rebuild your BCD data from scratch”, as I still suspected that my drive letters are still changed, infact I did a dir of C: and sure enough it gave me the contents of my second partition and not my original Vista C: drive (just as I suspected), I tried for a second time to fix the MBR, which gave me some kind of successful completion message (I can't remember now), after which I nevertheless tried rebooting and all I got was “BOOTMGR is missing....Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”. So my question is, please how do I change my drive letters (if that is what I really need first, to fix my Vista C: partition), and if my second E: partition is also recoverable?
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