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Hi guys,
Long time no see. I apologize if this is in the wrong section or confusing, but I need some help. Recently I purchased Photoshop CS5 and uninstalled Photoshop 7.0. Now my file associations are unable to "open with" Photoshop. I can find the program from open with--->choose defalt program --->Browse but clicking on it does absolutely nothing. I did some research and this seems to fix it, but I wanted to ask your advice before trying it.

Type the following in a text file and save it with a '.reg' extension. Make sure that the path is correct in the last line and uses the exact syntax shown (cut and paste should work but make sure you check that the Photoshop.exe file path is correct for your machine.) Save it to your desktop and double clicking it should automagically update your registry.

This is much safer than mucking about in regedit but still be careful not to make any typos, they can have unexpected results.

========= start file at next line
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Adobe Photoshop CS4\\Photoshop.exe\" \"%1\""
========== end of file at line before this

Why Adobe didn't do this in the install is beyond my simple mind to ascertain.

Now, my issue is this. I installed photoshop 7 on the default C:\program files path, but now since getting CS4, to get more space, I installed it in:
F:\Install\CS5\Adobe Photoshop CS5

would the last line of the above be:
@="\"F:\\Install\\CS5\\Adobe Photoshop CS5\\Photoshop.exe\" \"%1\""

Thank you in advance, and my apologies if this is confusing.

Take care.
Changing the installation library might be the problem.
Adobe are notorious for putting stuff in C:\Program Files\Common Files even when you ask for X:\MyPlace, so it's possible that the Common location has a mix of old and new files.

Try using Revo Uninstaller in deep cleaning mode to uninstall all traces of Photoshop, then do a fresh install and see if it gets it right when starting from scratch.
Thanks, I'll try it out. :smile:

edit: I've never used this program before. Also, I feel I should clarify. I purchased CS5 Production Premium which came with Photoshop 5. Would I uninstall the normal way then use the Revo program? I just want to be careful with my license, they seem pretty concerned with how you remove their products from your computer. (Before this, I just knew of uninstall, but with them there is "deactivate" and "uninstall" existing as two separate concepts)
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Revo is freeware which uses the standard uninstaller provided with the app, but checks for orphan files, folders and registry entries after it has supposedly finished removing itself.
Oh ok, thanks, that makes sense. So I've got the program now. I just go ahead and dbl click on the icon? (Just making sure it's a straightforward process to activate the uninstall) Also, I just had a thought, re-installing and then uninstalling Photoshop 7.0 wont fix this will it? I'm just wondering, because, my understanding is that the problem is coming from 7.0 not properly being remove right? Well, since I installed CS5 PP on F drive, will that just remove instances of F:/ drive photoshop files and not the potential registry/misc files junk from 7.0?

Sorry with all the questions, heh, I just don't fully get computers when it comes to deep issues like registry info.

Thanks in advance!
I'm not sure whether the "pro" version can hunt for orphan entries from a previous uninstall, but the free version doesn't to my knowledge.
I'm not sure whether it will fix your problem, but it's worth a try.
When you execute it, it will give you a list of installed programs just like Windows "add/remove ... ".
You could always try Revo uninstall of the latest version, and install/Revo uninstall of the previous version then install the latest, if a straight Revo uninstall/ reinstall of the latest doesn't do the trick.

I've used it in the past when an upgrade from AVG 7 to 8 failed on one of my 3 OSs leaving it in limbo, neither installed nor uninstalled, and 7 unremovable, 8 uninstallable. It successfully cleaned everything up and allowed a clean reinstall to work perfectly.
Gah, my system is being difficult. Install shield wont properly open for PS7, but anything else is fine. Should we try the registry fix that I quoted in my first post? From my research it seems like the issue could be fixed by altering the registry, or removing old instances of the program. The only reason I haven't tried that is due to the conflicting locations; 7 I installed on C, CS5 I installed on F:/

Basically my question is, for the quoted code, would I write it as is, or would I just sub in the location for CS5 on the final line?

Thanks for being patient and putting up with my questions. I'm just at a loss that such a simple problem is giving me such a headache.
Update: Wow, I feel like a fool now heh. Thank you for being so patient with me and my long questions. After restarting, the PS7 setup opened finally and then using pro, I was able to completely remove all the old files. Now everything works fantastically. Thanks again for all your help, you're the best!