OpenELEC and Windows 7



I am trying to build a dual-boot with OpenELEC and Windows 7, both installed on one harddisk. I had a lot of trouble installing OpenELEC on the harddisk. After all it is running on a fat32 partition (/dev/sda1) with an additional partition for the storage (/dev/sda2). The /dev/sda1 is a fat32 partition and to boot OpenELEC I have used syslinux. When this partition is set active OpenELEC boots. But I do not get it running by EasyBCD. I have tried the LILO-Option and also NeoGRUB. Additionally i Have tried the EasyBCD Beta 2.1 with Syslinux-option. Unfortunately all without success. Any idea?
/dev/sda1: primary part., fat32, OpenELEC, syslinux
/dev/sda2: primary part., ext3, Storage for OpenELEC, no system
/dev/sda3: primary part., NTFS, Windows 7, normally active

Messages when booting with
-LILO-Option: Boot Error
-Syslnux-Option: Boot Error
-NeoGrub: Try (hd0,0): fat32: No NEOGRUB

Hi JustinW,

thank you for the reply! I also thought of this. But unfortunately without success:

rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1
You need to play around with your BIOS's USB settings. If you have something called legacy USB, make sure it is enabled.