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I don't know if this is the right forum for this but it really is the only one I have found...I am running Windows Vista home edition. I bought a couple of years ago a program ReaderRom 10,000 books on 4 DVD's. The best piece of software money can buy in my opinion. I was running XP at that time. I now have a new computer and I cant get this software to load. I cant find manufacturer of this program. I know all the book files end with a bcd.extention. Am I in the right forum for this? I would like to find if their is a way to read these files. I love this program. Please help me if you can. Many Thanks.
Actually no. This is not the right forum. Sorry. The BCD we are talking about here is the Vista boot loader and manager.

But to try and help you out i can suggest a couple of things.

First insert the CD/DVD. Do not auto run it. Open Computer and right click on the CD/DVD drive that has the disc in it. From there go and click properties. Now here you want the Compatibility Tab. Click on that and check the box that says "Run this in XP SP2 Mode" and also check the box "Run as Administrator".

Then try to install the software. If it can work at all this will be your best method.

Also a quick Google search for .bcd extensions came up with this.

File Extension .BCD Details

Maybe one of those companies or applications might be able to help you out as well.
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