OpenSUSE 11.1 x64 and Vista 32, pure esoteric

I used happily EasyBCD with Vista 32 and OpenSUSE 11.0 x64.
After that I upgraded to OpenSUSE 11.1 x64 but don't worry: I always keep backups for everything :smile:.
Truly, I expected booting problems, but never something like this.
- Vista is on (hd0,0), suse on (hd0,5), a logical partition.
- I installed Grub in the root partition, like to say (hd0,5).
- After setting properly up EasyBCD, grub4dos didn't be able to find any kind of file on the suse ext3 partition! On the other hand, there was no problem to find files on C:.
- I attempted an old trick, installing a boot.ini pointing to a 512 byte "suse.bin", made with dd. After that, I made in EasyBCD an XP entry: Vista was clearly aware about my dishonest intentions and forced me to provide additionally a ntldr & companion.
- I don't remember (I was tired from continuous checking, resetting, reinstalling, setting up and so on) if it worked just once or never.
- At this point I decided to test commercial bootloaders (oh, holy torrents!).
- Acronis started suse, screwing up by vista.
- To start vista again, I cleaned the mbr with an obscure command in the vista console, it was insufficient so I repaired BCD automatically.
- At this point I uninstalled EasyBCD, without any logic reason, and installed the bootloader by Paragon: again, Linux ok and no Vista.
- And again I repaired BCD, this time straight automatically.
I had to reboot Vista, I did so and this time appeared from nowhere an additional entry, "OpenSUSE" (sic). The entry works perfectly.
- Back to Vista, I reinstalled EasyBCD, 1.7.2, to customize the menu, but EasyBCD doesn't see the OpenSUSE entry and the only listed entry is "Vista recovered".
My explanation: BCD works also in real time, like Acronis , and the OpenSUSE programmers, true code poets, found the way for embedding virtual feromons in Suse.
My problem: I don't have the situation under control and I believe is just matter of time, something will happen, perhaps by upgrading to the next suse kernel.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.
It sounds like your MBR is using GRUB, not Vista.

Are you sure the menu with the OpenSUSE option at boot is BCD and not GRUBL
Hi Mahmoud,
Thanks for your reply. We regard Christmas as freedom celebration, for what it helps...So, merry Christmas you too!
I understand what you say, but my knowledge in this branch is very limited.
Could you provide some link about all that kinds of GRUB? GRUBL !?
It happened after an automatic repair performed by a Vista repair CD. An other issue is that Suse 11.1 come with incredible bugs concerning also the bootloader installation. The repositories were full of broken software and we had to reinstall everything: right now, BCD is broken, GRUB sits in the MBR and I go ready for the next adventure.
I think you are right because after selecting Linux were coming the fast and automated GRUB screens. Simply, I didn't guess that Vista could install some kind of grub.
Thanks a lot,
Hi Mahmoud,
I have the right answer: the "phantom entry" openSUSE is the perfectly working ntldr. if I delete the 512 byte bin file, it disappears. Unfortunately I don't see how to get such Linux entry as default selection. Any idea? However, I can add an additional Linux entry using EasyBCD, keeping the old one as security. Thanks a lot for this great piece oft software!