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Opera is a free Web browser with a pop-up blocker, multiple-window navigation, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, an e-mail client with a spam filter, and integrated search for user security and speed. The cross-platform browser includes IRC-compatible chat, support for RSS newsfeeds, a password manager, and one-click customization and privacy-protection settings.


* New in version 9: Fraud protection, BitTorrent, Add your favorite search engines, Content blocker, Site preferences, Widgets, Improved rich text editing, Thumbnail preview
* Efficient surfing: Transfer manager, Tabbed browsing, Password manager, Integrated search, Pop-up blocking, Mouse gestures, Fast Forward, Sessions, Quick preferences, Notes, Voice, Keyboard Shortcuts, Trash can
* Security and privacy: Security bar, Encryption, Delete private data, Cookie control
* Mail and Chat: Opera mail, IRC chat
* Customization: Drag and drop, Skins, Language
* Accessibility: Zoom, Text size and colors, User style sheets,
* Web development: Standards support, Small-screen mode, Validate code, Toggle graphics and style sheets, Info panel, Reload from cache,
* Special: Full-screen mode, Kiosk mode aand more...

Download: Opera 9.24 Build 8816 Final
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Opera Home Page
Thanks Mak.

I'm currently using the Opera 9.5 "Kestrel" weeklies, they're damn good.... the features set is just awesome, it's definitely the most user-friendly browser out there by far.

Only problem is, this version is a CPU hog :frowning:
It takes a lot of processing to do some of the really cool stuff they have (like indexing the contents of web pages so you can go to a uri by title as well as by uri) and it's just too much for this P4.... old users won't be too happy. I just ordered my new mobo and cpu, so that's a non-issue for me though.
I am not currently using the Kestrel since it doesnt allow for bookmarks to work correctly. I use that feature alot. Espically from within the Personal Bar. But i have used the first couple of weekly Kestrel builds and loved them.
I think they fixed that in this build:
Changes and fixes
  • Rewritten backend for bookmark synchronization. Fixes several bugs
  • Cosmetic changes in synchronization user interface, new icon
  • Reloading widgets works
  • Fixed leak in search engine
  • Fixed printing crash
  • Fixed a margin collapsing regression
  • Fixed bug where Redirected e-mails displayed incorrectly in Sent view
  • Fixed crash when importing default browser bookmarks on first run
  • Fixed crashes when image with svg source is a sibling of a float
  • Fixed several layout issues
  • Several stability fixes added
Known issues fixed
  • [BUG 264975] Fixed display of smileys in mail and chat
  • [BUG 290358] Bookmarks cannot be selected from the Bookmarks menu
  • [BUG 290355] Opera crashes when clicking bookmarks in Personal bar
  • [BUG 280536] Opera on OS X will sometimes freeze when exiting Preferences
Known issues
  • [BUG 291258] Framesets don't work. Gives blank page on Gmail and other sites
  • [BUG 291335] Bookmarks in sub-folders are moved to the root folder
  • [BUG 290618] Viewing messages with smilies in Opera Mail may cause Opera to crash
  • [BUG 291267] Filters in M2 don't work
  • [BUG 290416] Widgets don't work after restarting Opera
  • [BUG 267632] Images don't display when printing
  • If you used the Brushed Metal skin in the previous release, Opera for OS X will crash on startup
  • [BUG 290943] This build fails the Acid2 test
  • Won't run correctly on Windows 95 or 98
  • OS X version may cause persistent freezes on start-up
  • POP server cleaning has been disabled: When disabling the "Leave messages on server" option, existing messages on the server are not removed
  • [BUG 287170] On OS X, UI thumbnails have black backgrounds when using native skins
  • [BUG 184894] Native OS X UI elements cannot be used in skins
  • [BUG 286384] Yahoo mail is broken
  • [BUG 280261] Removing messages from filters does not work
  • [BUG 213115] Queued mail is sent at the next check, instead of waiting for manual action
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Yeah i just seen that. Hopefully it is working right now. Getting close to Beta 1. That is even better news. The Beta's are always top notch. I have never had a issue with them.
Thanks. Paying tribute to my wife and baby. Wife loves Stitch and her bday is 2-13 whiile my daughter was born 1-9-07. So it is a special sig to me. :grinning:
Hey Guru sorry for the double post here. But i was wondering. What kind, if any, javascripts do you use with Opera. Do you use anything at all. I have the urlfilter.ini working to block over 90% of the ads out there. But i also have a Orangoo Spell checker working as well. Just wondering if there is any other good ones to use. I knwo with Opera dont need much if anything to make it better.
Yeah, they really do need to update their aspell for Windows package... I wonder if Opera will use aspell on Linux though? It's a much more straight-forward process in the *nix world.
Yeah i see it was from like back in 2002. I have tried several varieties of Linux but to no avail. Even openSuSe wouldnt isntall and it even crashed in my VMWare.

Well i guess i will stick with Windows for now. Till i can do something about getting a Apple. :tongueout:
Well i am trying to install OS X. But i wont say anything more since i know the policy on that kind of thing. I just need a IDE hard drive since my SATA are not recognized.

I love my windows. I really do. I wont ever give it up. But haveing a backup is always nice for when i crash Windows. :wink:
I have no problems with Windows XP :smile:

(I haven't touched a Vista-based computer in 3 months now! :|
however, I'll be formatting this PC come the weekend and installing Vista once more just for the hell of it)
Well my Vista went south with SP1 installed. So i will be formattign that again and re-isntalling Vista. But i am in no rush. I am using my MCE version of XP. I rather like it.
I reinstalled my XP SP1 :tongueout: It crashed about a month ago :grinning: XP SP1 FTW!! :grinning: haha, kidding, I'm about to install my Ubuntu 7.10, tonight or tomorrow! I'm wondering what changed, I was reading about it, but this time I'll see it in action. :joy: