Opera 9.5 Beta++

Mak 2.0

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Known issues
  • Gmail compose window is just 1px tall
  • *NIX builds crash when connecting to IRC
Assorted changes since Beta
  • Find in page now continues search from the location of the last mouse click
  • Fixed a freeze when syncronizing Opera
  • Fixed skandiabanken.no certificate installation
  • Fixed crash when reindexing mail
  • Removing mail from filters now works again
  • Removed support for HTML 4.01 Specification namespace
  • Confirm exit while logged in to link now works
  • Fixed an issue with link synchronizing
  • Fixed nickname handling in addressbar
  • Setting cache to off really means nothing is written to disk. (PS: View source doesn't work without disk cache... )
UNIX specific
  • Plugins sometimes don't work properly
  • We have FreeBSD 7 builds!
  • Added a lot of applications in the Suggests line in deb packages
  • The command line switch -notrayicon is now respected again
Mac specific
  • This build will use the same settings as 9.50 Beta
Even more work

In this build, we added MathML support out of the box, with a few improvement from our initial support outlined by chaals in his article on dev.opera.com.

Known issues
UNIX: Speed dial config dialog has an ugly shadow
UNIX: Dragging images turns them grey
UNIX: Can't connect to IRC
UNIX: Downloading torrents can exhaust memory and uses 100% CPU
Sometimes crashes on exit
Some images don't load fully

New stuff
Added MathML support (Check out examples here)
Added support for the XSLT document() function (poke to xmlhacker :wink: )
New and improved mail authentication dialog
New nice icon for mail whose body isn't downloaded

Assorted bugs fixed
Fixed a bad crasher that occurred on a lot of sites when closing a tab
Again possible to open directories directly without file://localhost/ in front
Fixes to <pre> and <code> font sizes
Fixed top links in gmail
Fit to width now works even if the window is larger than 1600px
getters and setters are now prototypable in node interfaces
getSeconds() no longer returns -1
Hovering input/radio buttons on websites now shows the normal cursor again
Several Opera Link bugs squashed
A bunch of XPATH fixes
A bunch of XSLT fixes

Mac specific
Moved close button on tabs to the left hand side

UNIX Specific
It is now possible to choose what open/save dialog type to use. Configure here 0=auto, 1=QT, 2=GTK.

Windows Classic
Thanks. I've been using IE7 a bit more lately since that last build was quite unstable for me.

/me DLs it now :smile:
i installing now

i havent had opera in a while, and i never got the net working on my Wii, but the Wii does use opera as its browser ^_^