Opera 9.5 RC - Prepare for launch

Mak 2.0

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You might have noticed we've focused on stabilizing the Opera 9.5 snapshots lately, waxing the new look and feel of Opera, improving performance, security and most of all fixing a lot of bugs. Almost two years after the release of Opera 9.0, Opera 9.5 is now (almost) ready to be released.
Thanks for your feedback on Opera Link, Quick Find, Dragonfly and EV and all the new features, usability improvements, new skin, tweaks and bugfixes. We hope you all feel proud of making Opera 9.5 the best choice for surfing the web!

Announcement of 9.5 release by Jon von Tetzchner

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WARNING: On Windows, this build will by default replace the default installation of Opera. Take special care when installing

Copied the latest Dragonfly to the live servers - Check out their blog for the latest info
Various stability fixes
Opera no longer wants to update a nonexistent mail store when upgrading from 9.2 to 9.5
'Download message bodies' is now enabled on all POP accounts
Fixed a loss of filter rules on upgrade from 9.2
Fixed an issue with a missing Panel button
Fixed an issue where the 'New tab' toolbar was hidden behind the panel toggle button when no tabs were open
Added sharper panel selector icons
Fixed dragging of multiple items in the bookmark manager
Fixed Russian and German dictionary search
Improvements in backwards compatibility with skins
Fixed login with cookie on the 31st of all months
Mac specific changes
The disk image should work on Mac OS X 10.2 again
Some improvements to the Mac Native skin

Windows Classic

1 Day after i post out th e RC is available they release it. :tongueout:

Got it running now. Still love it.
Any problems with this one yet mak?

I normaly give it a day or so to make sure there are any teathing problems smoothed out.
Ohh no. It is a perfect release like all the rest of them. It has a build number of 10063 which is different from the RC which was 10058 or something like that. So it is updated and more bugs gone. I have yet to find any glitches with it.